January 2023 - contributions

This was my activity during January 2023.

AUR (ArchLinux User Repository)

PeerTube is at version 5.0.1

SPIP has been updated to 4.0.9

COPR unofficial RPMs

gopass updated to 1.15.3

hugo has been updated to 0.110.0

DragonFlyBSD Ports

The commits are as usual, there are some basic fixes (if defined(__DragonFly__) at the right place, etc.) and some that I’d like to point out more specifically.

ports-mgmt/dialog4ports has been fixed and should be available soon

Following what I wrote last month, x11-drviers/xorgxrdp should now put its file in /usr/local/etc/X11 and not in /etc/X11 directly. That should help users who want to make use of xrdp.


Worked a bit on documentation.

I also tried to take care of some tickets on the official bugtracker


No new work on that subject for now.