December 2022 - contributions

This is for December 2022. AUR (ArchLinux User Repository) PeerTube is out on version 5.0.0 but my package is still at v4.3.1 COPR unofficial RPMs gopass updated to 1.15.0 and then to 1.15.1 and then to 1.15.2 hugo has been updated to 0.108.0 then to 0.109.0 syncthing is still on version 1.22.2 garage has been brought to 0.8.0 DragonFlyBSD Ports The commits are as usual, there are some basic fixes (if defined(__DragonFly__) at the right place, etc.

November 2022 - contributions

I’m trying this new type of post in order to give some regular content on this website. The goal is to keep a sort of monthly report about what I’m contributing in the projects I’m involved. So this is for November 2022. AUR (ArchLinux User Repository) PeerTube has been brought to the version v4.3.1 COPR unofficial RPMs gopass updated to 1.14.10 and then to 1.14.11 hugo has been updated to 0.

DragonFlyBSD - french keyboard in initrd

I did install DragonFlyBSD on my laptop using a Hammer2 filesystem on top of a dm-crypt device, following the instruction of the official documentation. The only problem is that I use an azerty keyboard and the uncrypting dialog when booting offers a qwerty layout. That can be a little annoying for people having special characters in their passwords. This is how I managed to have an azerty layout to type my decrypting password at boot time.

DragonFlyBSD - UEFI dual boot with Linux

In order to install DragonFlyBSD on a UEFI machine one might want to keep the already installed operating system, in my case Arch Linux, leading to what people usually call dual boot. I won’t describe the DragonFlyBSD installation process, I might in a following article, but just what’s required before and what needs to be done after to get it to boot. Prerequisites So before installing I had a working Linux installation and I’m using the UEFI boot manager from my laptop (an HP Elitebook), to boot it.

DragonFlyBSD - Hammer2 snapshot first steps

I am running DragonFlyBSD for quite some time now, but I never took the time to explore how Hammer2 really works concerning its snapshot abilities. This post is my first try at it and I intend it to be a little memo. First let’s gather some info about our mounted filesystems. $ mount | grep hammer2 serno/QM00005.s1d on / (hammer2, local) /dev/serno/QM00005.s1e@DATA on /build (hammer2, local) There are 2 different mountpoints interesting for us : / and /build.

DragonFlyBSD - Install Firefox syncserver with PostgreSQL

This article has been inspired by this article and by the official documentation of Mozilla Firefox syncserver. After reading the article by Mirabelette, I thought it would be nice to have my own syncserver, the only difference is that: I run DragonFlyBSD I want a PostgreSQL database as I know how to make backups of it. That led me to two different steps : building syncserver under DragonFlyBSD making syncserver use PostgreSQL as its database instead of SQLite.