Nginx - SSL Proxy configuration

For a project at work I had to setup a SSL Proxy with nginx, because one of our old weblogic server can’t manage SHA2 certificates and we can’t update now. We decided to make it talk to a SSL Proxy and here is the code of the nginx.conf acting as such. It makes use of Nginx module http_proxy. As a little reminder we had a situation like this : serverA (client certificate) -> webservice (HTTPS / server certificate)

Web - How to test that your webserver is serving gzip pages

When you want to set up your webserver you might want to use gzip. But how to test if it works ? I used to test some request with telnet, the problem is that it will always return without gzip, because you don’t specify that you can process the gzip binary returned. So the webserver don’t use it. But there’s a solution available on all linux boxes. It requests headers only and specifies that it can handle gzip compression.