OpenBSD - Munin graphs generated without text

I did install munin and at first my graphs looked like this on this image. So as you can see this looks like something is wrong here. The solution was to modify my cron job to look like the following. su -s /bin/ksh _munin -c 'LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 /usr/local/bin/munin-cron' It seems that munin-cron does require a LC_CTYPE value, otherwise it generates without any text.

OpenBSD - Munin plugins missing libraries

Today I’ve decided to document how I installed my munin monitoring system on OpenBSD and how to make two plugins work in particular. I run an instance of Nginx and also a PostgreSQL server so I wanted my munin to be able to get some info about them. The fact is that you need some additionnal dependencies in order to make them return values properly. The two required libraries are p5-libwww (for the Nginx plugin) and p5-DBD-Pg (for the PostgreSQL one).

Nginx - SSL Proxy configuration

For a project at work I had to setup a SSL Proxy with nginx, because one of our old weblogic server can’t manage SHA2 certificates and we can’t update now. We decided to make it talk to a SSL Proxy and here is the code of the nginx.conf acting as such. It makes use of Nginx module http_proxy. As a little reminder we had a situation like this : serverA (client certificate) -> webservice (HTTPS / server certificate)