February 2023 - contributions

This is a summary of my activity in February 2023.

AUR (ArchLinux User Repository)

PeerTube is still at version 5.0.1

SPIP has been updated to 4.0.11

COPR unofficial RPMs

gopass bumped to 1.15.43

hugo still at 0.110.0

DragonFlyBSD Ports

My commits have been fewer than usual as I am rather busy these days.

There was a major breakage in x11-servers/xorg-server due to my mistake and that led to some really weird behaviours like things being typed in X appearing on console, or xdm / sddm not being able to start with the (EE) Unrecognized option: vt09 error. The breaking part of this change has been adressed with this commit. I’ve had reports that issues are now gone and the appropriate package should be available next week for all DragonFlyBSD users.


Nothing has been achieved.


No new work on that subject for now.