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Jan. 2, 2023

December 2022 - contributions

This is for December 2022. AUR (ArchLinux User Repository) PeerTube is out on version 5.0.0 but my package is still at v4.3.1 COPR unofficial RPMs gopass updated to 1.15.0 and then to 1.15.1 and then to 1.15.2 hugo has been updated to 0.108.0 then to 0.109.0 syncthing is still on version 1.22.2 garage has been brought to 0.8.0 DragonFlyBSD Ports The commits are as usual, there are some basic fixes (if defined(__DragonFly__) at the right place, etc.

Dec. 19, 2022

November 2022 - contributions

I’m trying this new type of post in order to give some regular content on this website. The goal is to keep a sort of monthly report about what I’m contributing in the projects I’m involved. So this is for November 2022. AUR (ArchLinux User Repository) PeerTube has been brought to the version v4.3.1 COPR unofficial RPMs gopass updated to 1.14.10 and then to 1.14.11 hugo has been updated to 0.

Apr. 5, 2021

FreeBSD - MacBook and Broadcom BCM4321

As part of reviving my MacBook 4,1 (or early 2008 / A1181) on which I decided to install FreeBSD, I encountered some difficulties with the wifi adapter. bwn_pci0@pci0:2:0:0: class=0x028000 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 vendor=0x14e4 device=0x4328 subvendor=0x106b subdevice=0x0088 vendor = 'Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries' device = 'BCM4321 802.11a/b/g/n' class = network Here are the steps I had to go through to get it working. First a custom kernel has to be build with the BWN_GPL_PHY option that allows to build some GPL-licensed portions of the driver code base.