November 2022 - contributions

I’m trying this new type of post in order to give some regular content on this website. The goal is to keep a sort of monthly report about what I’m contributing in the projects I’m involved.

So this is for November 2022.

AUR (ArchLinux User Repository)

PeerTube has been brought to the version v4.3.1

COPR unofficial RPMs

gopass updated to 1.14.10 and then to 1.14.11

hugo has been updated to 0.107.0

syncthing updated to 1.22.1 and then to 1.22.2

DragonFlyBSD Ports

The commits are as usual, there are some basic fixes (if defined(DragonFly) at the right place, etc.) and some that I’d like to point out more specifically.

graphics/wayland which aims at dropping our own port and follow the FreeBSD port as the reference (what we’re doing for most ports actually). This hasn’t been tested as most people keep running Xorg server. If you do use wayland on DragonFlyBSD please contact us :)

news/inn-current after that Julien √ČLIE reported that it was broken.

I’d like to point out that it’s hard for us DragonFlyBSD Ports maintainers to test all ports, so we usually try to fix the build if possible. If you happen to use the port and something is broken, please let us know.


My simple commit (not even being able to do it properly in a single step though), related to documentation this time.

commit 48be433a8115ac1bddecdfc2a52f87bc2da2f821
Author: Pierre-Alain TORET <>
Date:   Tue Nov 8 09:18:56 2022 +0100

    jail.8 : update the manpage date

commit 912c3f52de12b5c024f1e64bcd64978d9d77be7c
Author: Pierre-Alain TORET <>
Date:   Mon Nov 7 22:07:36 2022 +0100

    jail.8 : syscall net_raw_sockets has been renamed allow_raw_sockets

But I also made some remarks leading to the following commits

commit 02796fa700f7cb96eab5e53e23276f98672518d9
Author: Matthew Dillon <>
Date:   Fri Nov 4 14:54:05 2022 -0700

    dsynth - Add Check_plist config file option

    * dsynth -P turns on plist checking for builds.  Note that this
      feature is already automatically turned on when the 'everything'
      and 'test' directives are used.

    * Add a Check_plist configuration file option that does the same thing
      so -P does not have to be specified if the developer wants to always do
      plist checking.

    Requested-by: daftaupe

commit 653b0189d84d64e6a9eb0f4e6243ec6ad63f85e9
Author: Matthew Dillon <>
Date:   Sat Dec 17 11:28:54 2022 -0800

    dsynth - Ignore ports installed on the host during pkgscan

    * Set LOCALBASE=<some_empty_dir> in the make commands issued by the
      package scan so the host's installed packages are not probed.

    Reported-by: daftaupe